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About the band

Runway 11

Runway 11 is an indie rock band based in Florida, United States.   The band was founded by guitarist and producer Jorge Cadiz in 2011 with original members:  bassist Edwin Montero and drummer Ismael Esteves, as an outlet to create original progressive rock music.  In early 2020, Runway 11 shifted format as a collaboration band, to push their first release of songs, collectively called “Inside the Maelstrom”.  

Runway 11’s unique sound embodies elements of progressive rock, metal, sophisticated pop, film music and more.  Often the music showcases a combination of heavy riffs, unexpected electronic & synth elements and extreme dynamics that usually sets to convey a story driven message within the song. 

As an indie band, Runway 11’s entrepreneurial approach to production gives it a raw, yet refined sound that merges elements and aesthetics inspired by a wide range of music sources and artist.  The music is primarily influenced by bands like Porcupine Tree, Pineapple Thief, Leprous, Haken and VOLA, with twists ranging from modern rock sounds from bands like Periphery, Plini, Intervals to random sources of inspiration from latin music, jazz, K-pop, anime soundtracks and more. 

Jorge Cadiz is a strong minded, independent artist from the Orlando, FL area breaking onto the music scene this October with a brand new sound and unbridled passion. Born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Cadiz began playing guitar at the age of 10 and has been performing on stages since the age of 14. Cadiz pursued a Chemical Engineering degree and took a job straight out of College, relocating to the US in 1997. With each subsequent corporate role, he has still been able to follow music as a passion while supporting his family. Fast-forward to today’s pandemic driven economy, things have changed drastically for most musicians and for Jorge it has been no different. Being in the midst of the struggle invigorated him to pursue his musical passion more than ever. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get going. This could not be more true for Cadiz. 

The Maelstrom
Runway 11
Jorge Cadiz
Everything is Illuminated

      His newest project, Runway 11, is self produced and ready for take-off with it’s debut album Inside the Maelstrom - an eclectic, passionate, and thought provoking piece of art featuring 10 enigmatic songs in which Jorge tells his story of struggle and triumph. “My music is influenced by the 80's heavy metal scene, the sincerity of the Grunge movement of the 90’s”, says Cadiz. “The hard sounds of Metal in 2000 and the virtuosity of new artists of 2010: Periphery, Dream Theater, Animals as Leaders, etc… all have a profound impact on the direction of my sound.” The Prog Rock album will be released in a sequence of singles crescendoing to a full album release in July of 2022. The first single entitled “Inside”, will be releasing on all digital streaming platforms on October 22, 2021. Be on the lookout for his new music, and join the wild ride of Runway 11’s project Inside the Maelstrom this October by signing up for the band’s email list here, or following them on Facebook! Runway 11 would like to thank all their new and existing supporters who make it possible for them to achieve their lifelong musical dreams. We look forward to seeing you around our digital worlds!


BAND members

2021 Release Line Up 

Jorge Cadiz – Founder, guitarist, producer, and constant member of Runway 11 - US 

Edwin Montero – Original member, bassist - US 

Ismael Esteves – Original member, drummer - US 

Diego Teksuo ( - Collaborator, singer – Spain 

Michele Sana – Collaborator, drummer – Italy 

Marcin Palider – Collaborator, bass – Poland 

Andres Samboni – Collaborator, piano, and synths - Colombia 

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